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Peter Reed Linen

Peter Reed Bed Linen

Peter Reed is known all over the world for producing the finest English bed linen and they are proud to remain a thoroughly English company. They operate the only mill in England that weaves 100% combed Egyptian cotton, the highest quality cotton in the world. The expertise they have accumulated over the past 150 years show in each and every one of their products.

Egyptian Cotton

The warm climate and rich soil of the Nile Delta provide unique conditions for the growing of the long staple cotton fibres spun to produce their yarns.

Cotton is fresh, healthy and amongst the most durable textile fibres. Cotton fabrics breathe when in contact with the skin, and are free from static which attracts direct and endure frequent washing and use.

Peter Reed Labelling


Labelling has become a signature of the quality of the Peter Reed bedlinen. To commit a piece of linen to a year of manufacture only goes to prove how proud they are of their workmanship and reputation.

Peter Reed Labelling

Sizing & Allowances for Shrinkage

All Peter Reed flat sheets are made with high allowance for shrinkage which ensures adequate tuck-in is available for extra deep mattresses. King size sheets are finished at 117" (295cms), and super king at a luxurious 126" (320cms). Fitted sheets and duvet covers are all made with allowance for 5-8% shrinkage, which will occur during the first few washes of the item. In line with industry standards practice, flat sheets and pillowcases are labelled with actual sewn sizes, whereas fitted sheets, valances and duvet covers are labelled with residual size after expected shrinkage. Peter Reed fitted sheets are made with a generous gusset which will accommodate mattresses up to 10" (25cms) deep; deeper gussets are available by special order.

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